Taboo Topics in Business

A project of Money & Mimosas

Highly-curated, in-person critical conversations for Bay Area women in business covering a wide array of rich, diverse, candid (and often taboo!) topics we are confronting in the modern workplace. Co-produced by Danetha Doe and Emily Howe, we come together quarterly - in San Francisco - to build strong leadership networks, swap opportunities, and talk about the most pressing elephants in the room of corporate leadership: money, sex and power.

Recent events have included "What Works - and What Doesn't - Driving a Parent-Friendly Workplace" to "Professional Style, Bodies at Work, Sensuality in the Office, and Getting Sh* Done - in the Modern #Metoo Era Workplace.”

Emily Howe


Emily Howe is a senior management consultant with Portola Advisors. She has a MA degree in Gender and Cultural Studies from Simmons College, and has a special focus on helping businesses advance women in leadership and reduce gender bias throughout organizations. For 15+ years, as an expert in change management and business transitions, Emily has served large international companies, public and private universities, nonprofit and arts organizations, philanthropic groups, government entities, and individuals. Emily is Prosci-certified in change management and is on the board of the Association of Change Management Professionals, Northern California


Danetha Doe

Danetha Doe is the money mentor for ambitious women. Her blog, community and programs through Money & Mimosas help women elevate their self-worth and net-worth. A former accountant, Danetha is the host of the Future of Accounting podcast, the #1 podcast for young CPA professionals, and is a regular speaker at accounting conferences. She was named a millennial thought leader by the Hong Kong Institute of CPAs and a millennial entrepreneur to watch by the office of Congresswoman Barbara Lee. An international speaker, she is passionate about giving women the tools they need to elevate their self-worth and net-worth. She is based in the San Francisco Bay Area.