Danetha Doe: Headshot and Bio

Danetha Doe is a serial entrepreneur, money mindset trainer and millennial thought leader. Her company manages a portfolio of brands dedicated to helping women elevate their self-worth and net-worth - including the famed social club and financial education blog, Money & Mimosas. A former accountant, Danetha is the host of the Future of Accounting podcast, named the #1 podcast for young CPA professionals by the Hong Kong Institute of CPAs. Her work has been featured in Fast Company, Entrepreneur and Elle. She is based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Current Speaking Topic: “Women, Wealth & Wellness”: how our relationship with money impacts our financial and physical wellbeing.

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Speaking Engagements:

  • Women, Wealth & Wellness: Ohio Society of CPAs. June 2019.

  • Women, Wealth & Wellness: mcgarrybowen. May 2019.

  • Women, Wealth & Wellness: Healthline. April 2019.

  • Future of Accounting: Tennessee Society of CPAs Women’s Summit. September 2018.

  • Practicing Self-Love as a Business Owner. Naturally Beautiful conference. August 2018.

  • The Future of Accounting podcast tour sponsored by Avalara. Eleven talks in seven cities. May 2018-October 2018.

  • The Future of Accounting: Ohio Society of CPAs. June 2018.

  • How To Stop Living Month to Month As A Small Business Owner. Business Among Moms conference in Bellevue, Washington. May 2017.

  • 3 Steps To Becoming a Financially Independent Woman. GameChanger Women Unite event in San Francisco, CA. January 2017.

  • How To Add $10K To Your Savings in 60 Days. Bay Area Black Designers Group at Pandora's Headquarters in Oakland, CA. January 2017.

  • The Future of Accounting. Grant Thornton. Bay Area, California. July 2016.

  • Make Tahoe Work Conference: "How To Manage Your Cashflow In A Seasonal Industry". May 6, 2016. South Lake Tahoe. Sponsored by the Tahoe Chamber of Commerce.

  • "Bookkeeping 101: 3-hour event " with the Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center. Sponsored by the U.S. Small Business Administration and Xero. January, February and March 2016.

  • Getting Back to Basics: Financial Management training. Sponsored by Yelp and Xero. March 2016.

  • Financial Management for Entrepreneurs. Start Your Thing Podcast. 2016.

  • "An $800 confession and its beautiful money lesson." Her Money Matters Podcast. 2016.

  • "Track Your Money, Transform Your Life." A Better Life Podcast. 2015.

  • "Why Financial Freedom is A Journey of Self-Love." A Better Life Podcast. 2015.

  • "Three main fundraising options to jumpstart your business"- Bauman College, Berkeley, CA 2015.

  • "Changing your Money Story"- Financial Fluency Podcast. 2015.

  • Judge for Fashion-Tech pitch event. San Francisco, 2015

  • Panel member, Entrepreneur & Business Seminar: Lending Panel at JFK University Business Accelerator. 2015

  • Panel member, "Next generation accountant" at Quickbooks Connect 2014

  • #FutureofMoney video interview series. 17 episodes. Interviews with the Top 100 most influential people in accounting, AICPA board members and other influential financial professionals, about how digital currency may or may not affect the profession. 2015.

  • Speaker, "Bookkeeping 101 for beauty professionals" at the World Natural Hair Show. Atlanta 2012.

  • Speaker, "Get your money in order for 2015" workshop for the Founding Moms. San Francisco 2015.

  • "Clean up your finances in 2014" - Ellen Ercolini podcast.

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