"That's why pioneers like Danetha are so important. If she starts doing it successfully, maybe others will follow and succeed as well." Eve, Business Coach

"Everyday I get a little inspiration from you. Thank you for being such a positive example." Taylor Grace

"Your grace and skill as a socialite are unmatched. I will be sure to pass on the favor."

"I was truly touched by Miss Danetha's story! Natural women don't have a positive representation in the media and I salute Danetha for taking an enormous pioneering step." Dananana


Danetha was a pleasure to work with. Aside from her glowing personality, she single handily re-organized the finances and billing for the entire sales, catering, and conference services team. Prior to her arrival, billing, and credit for customers was extremely time consuming and disorganized.
— Knud Svendsen, VP of Sales and Marketing
Rarely in life does one meet a daredevil for fortitude, a true pioneer for entrepreneurship and originality who refuses to vacillate when faced with odds all too many consider insurmountable. Danetha is such an individual. I would amiss if I did not express the admiration I have for Danetha’s staunch determination and foresight in crafting the avenues for the success of herself while always encouraging her friends and network to also compete and aspire to their own zenith. Her zeal for success will undoubtedly take her incredibly far, I am extremely excited to see what she crafts up next.
— James Odetunde, Founder & Principal of Bloom Technologies LLC
Danetha is without question a tactful and enthusiastic visionary. We became friends in 8th grade (many moons ago), but have developed a deeper knowledge of each other as colleagues and friends increasingly as the years have passed. To acknowledge unprofessional terms, Danetha is my unofficial business consultant, and I am hers. Her out-of-the box, but calculated risk-taking and flexibility ensure her personal and professional growth, while ensuring her feet are firmly planted in solid ground.Danetha’s strength lies in her endless pursuit of learning and the ease with which shares what she learns.Without question, this skilled financial analyst, dancer, public speaker and entrepreneur, is above all, a gifted teacher who cares deeply about people. I am lucky to have her visionary advice in many areas of my life, and blessed to know her as a great friend.
— Maria Doctor, Freelance Producer/Writer and Client Trust Accounting Clerk at Creative Artists Agency
I worked with Danetha during her time in Youth Business America’s financing and mentorship program. Her passion and focus in helping owner operated businesses maintain and monitor their books is evident and I have since recommended initial consultations to many small businesses to find out how Danetha may be able to help them better understand their financial health.
— Zach Petry, Director of Outreach for Youth Business America