Comments from just a few of the entrepreneurs who have chosen to work with Danetha:

In the last month of the program, I sold $16,000 of my services, more than triple my prior average, and had two major companies reach out to me.
The way Danetha taught me to position myself made a huge difference.
— Karen Fleshman at
Having noticed I had hit a glass ceiling and unable to go any farther without help (I just couldn’t see the way), I contracted with Danetha. She supported me to charge for my work in a completely different way, not only to change to a fee based contract (no longer hourly not to exceed) and value the work I was doing, but in doing this to free up my time for the creativity crucial for my business. Within 1 month of starting to work with her my next contract was for twice as much as I would have charged previously. $9,200 rather than $4,500. Thank you, Danetha! You are a real find!
— Sudha Marsh- Interior Designer & Coach at
After 3 weeks in the group program I successfully booked my first substantial gig as a copywriter, officially kick-starting my new business.
— - Kaisha-Dyan McMillan
Danetha is a true superstar in the cloud accounting world. Her passion for helping entrepreneurs - not only through finance, but in growth, strategy, and work-life balance is inspiring. Danetha easily explains complex accounting and business concepts in a way that connects to new business owners.
— Kasey Bayne, Director of Marketing for Kashoo, Top 40 under 40 accounting professional by CPA Practice Advisor in 2011 and 2012
Danetha was a pleasure to work with. Aside from her glowing personality, she single handedly re-organized the finances and billing for the entire team. Prior to her arrival, billing, and credit for customers was extremely time consuming and disorganized.
— Knud Svendsen. VP of Sales and Marketing. Mammoth Lakes Ski Resort.
As an accountant turned small business owner, I’m constantly on the hunt for tips on how to develop my personal brand. Being that I’m on a shoestring budget I can’t afford to hire a personal branding expert at this point. Danetha Doe has been an absolute savior for me and I look forward to waking up on Mondays to her #MarketingMonday tips packed full of insightful resources, tips and strategies all for FREE!
— Jeff Maddux, CPA and lifestyle blogger
I’ve been running my business for a few years, but when it came to managing my finances, I always felt like I was doing something wrong. After one conversation with Danetha, I could feel my perspective totally shifting —It was a lightbulb moment for me, realizing that I could actually create and build my bookkeeping system around the way numbers make sense to me. Danetha’s genius is in helping creative entrepreneurs understand their money flow and making it work for them!
— Erin Rufledt. Visual Storyteller of
Danetha has an exceptional presence and deep connections within the accounting and startup community. I am amazed by the breadth of her abilities in an area most consider rather dry. The combination of a vivacious personality that knows accounting and finance, particularly in the area of startups is sure to be an asset in any engagement.
— John Gillingham, CPA
Just completed an excellent *money chat* session with the fantastic Danetha Doe! I’m on a mission to streamline my independent business, increase my profits, and stay organized. This was definitely the most helpful complimentary session I’ve experienced.
Putting your tips and tricks into action right away Danetha!!
— Klaudia Izabella. Spokesmodel and Marketing Strategist of
Danetha’s passion and focus to help business owners monitor their books is evident and I have since recommended initial consultations to many small businesses to find out how Danetha may be able to help them better understand their financial health.
— Zach Petry, Youth Business America
Danetha! What a gem! Professional services are all about the relationships you maintain. If you want great value out of your professional, you need to have a great relationship with open, honest communication and enjoy the connections. Describing connecting with Danetha as a joy is an understatement. Not only does she have valuable experience and insight to help you strategize and plan, she brings an undeniable energy and enthusiasm to your project. Her empathy makes me believe that she is great match for almost everyone. Competent and compatible!? What more could you ask for.
— Jacquelene Bishop, CPA and business owner
Danetha’s strength lies in her endless pursuit of learning and the ease with which she shares what she learns. Without question, this skilled financial analyst, dancer, public speaker and entrepreneur, is above all, a gifted teacher who cares deeply about people.
— Maria Doctor, Producer and Writer
Danetha Doe is honored as one of the Top 40 under 40 accounting professionals in 2015.
— CPA Practice Advisor
Finally got my Wave accounting set up for my business. I’ve been avoiding/ignoring/scared of it for awhile. No more! Pay attention (to the biz and the personal $$) every day!! Thank you, darlin’.
— Caroline Gick, founder of Quarter Turn Clothing
Danetha is a numbers wiz with excellent customer service and communication skills. Her blog is savvy and witty, and I would highly recommend her services to any organization or freelance project.
— Veronica Arriaga, Event Planner
Danetha brings a fresh and exciting approach to accounting! Combining her professional knowledge and passion for helping business owners understand and even love their numbers, Danetha’s voice is on the forefront of modernizing small business financial management.
— Julie Gordon White, Executive Board Member for the National Association of Women Business Owners
Danetha Doe is a rock star business strategist and helped trailblaze the brand ambassador program at Xero.
— Sharna Brockett, PR Consultant. Former Director of PR for Xero
I’m impressed by Danetha’s approach to helping small business owners make better business decisions so they can grow their businesses and thrive. Financial literacy is at the heart of this and Danetha takes the time to break things down in ways that entrepreneurs can understand. She then chooses the best software for each client she works with and helps them get up and running. We need more people like Danetha and I am happy to have her in our QuickBooks ProAdvisor Program!
— Alison Ball, Alison Ball, Global Influencer Programs and former Head of Accountant Programmes (UK) at Intuit