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Top 5 Health Benefits of Chia Seeds

If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you know that I am a HUGE fan of chia seeds. I have them almost every morning in my smoothie and I swear they are the best thing since sliced bread. 

Actually, they've been around for much longer. For centuries in fact. Dating back to the Mayan and Aztec civilizations. These groups were definitely on to something. As more and more food and beverage products begin to incorporate these fab seeds in their mixes, here are five reasons why YOU should include chia seeds in your diet.

  1. Omega-3s: Chia seeds are one of the richest plant-based sources for omega-3s. Usually found in fish, this is a great replacement for our vegan friends. In case you didn't know, Omega-3s are good for reducing inflammation, enhancing cognitive performance and reducing high cholesterol.
  2. Blood sugar regulation: Chia seeds are a great way to regulate insulin levels. 
  3. Satiety : aka the feeling of being full. With the combination of protein and fiber, Chia seeds can reduce the in between meals food cravings.
  4. Fiber:  we all know why fiber is good for us. Eat some chia to help keep your insides squeaky clean.
  5. Metabolism: Chia seeds are full of minerals that help with preventing hypertension and maintaining a healthy body weight.

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