#StayFit During the Holidays!

Heyyy Fabs! Happppyyy Holidays!

A time full of festive parties, delectable chocolate treats, tasty cocktails, holiday cheer and hopefully time spent with loved ones.

I know its a busy time and those cute knit sweaters you're wearing are hiding some areas ;) But, don't neglect your body. DON'T DO IT. Hit the gym, go to a dance class, take some yoga.

Need some inspiration? Check out this week's workout schedule! *MUAH*

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 Monday- 50 minute circuit training. Hit the elliptical for 20 minutes, followed by 30 minutes of core, cardio and strength workouts. Not sure what to do? Check out this video!  Click HERE!

Tuesday- Dance Dance Dance! Check out a local Zumba class or hip hop class. Hmm, where should I go? I'll let you know ;)

Wednesday- Merry Christmas!! Take today to rest and enjoy time with loved ones...and delicious clean cocktails. Hehe. 

Thursday- Lets ease into today's workout with an easy 10-15 minute stretching routine in the morning. Click HERE for the video. Then, take a yoga class! I think I'll check out my friends at Flying Yoga in the Temescal district of Oakland!

Friday- 5K run around Lake Merritt. Is it frightful outside? Go to your local gym and do your 5K on the treadmill or elliptical. Personally, I prefer the elliptical ;)

Holiday Workout.jpg

Saturday- I loove this workout!  Its Blogilates Bikini Blaster!! Lets do this fabulous bikini workout. TWICE. Click HERE

Sunday- Second Rest Day?! Say whhaaaaattt? Happy Holidays. My gift to you. *MUAH*

Did you try any of the above workouts? Comment below! #stayfit

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