Clean Drinking: How to Drink Healthy at the Bar

I'm a hardcore fitness aficionado. I have been for as long as I can remember starting at the age of six when I started borrowing my mom's Jane Fonda workout videos. I'm not even lying. I would get all dressed up in my leotards and do 50 leg raises, determined to never have a saggy booty. Yes, at six. More on that later.

But I also loooove my girly cocktails. It's a tad bit of a dilemma since a lot of people ask me for workout advice and then see my Facebook posts of delicious margaritas. Or just the fact that I know cocktails don't exactly adhere to the whole notion of "abs are made in the kitchen." 

But, I've finally found a way to make cocktails healthy. Well, that's what I tell myself. Like food, I prefer to make them at home rather than going out. Not only is it easier on the wallet, but I also know exactly what ingredients are going into my drink. 

But, there are times when I like to head to my neighborhood bar for a happy hour rendezvous or I'm out at a mixer and want to order a couple of libations. So, I came up with a self guide to ensure that my drinks are full of nutrition and I don't wake up with a nasty hangover. Yup.

Below are my 5 tips on how to drink cleanly at the bar. You're welcome.

  1. Always ask if they use house made ingredients in their cocktails. If yes, go for it! 
  2. NEVER drink premixed sweet n sour. If it's not housemade, ask to substitute it for a mix of simple syrup (hopefully this is housemade) and juice. I usually ask for grapefruit (fresh, please!). On that note, if the bar doesn't make it's own simple syrup best believe I won't be back. 
  3. Substitute coke or sprite with ginger ale or better yet, GINGER BEER. We all know that soft drinks have bad stuff in it (lots of sugar and high fructose corn syrup). Ginger ale still has some of that but the ginger somewhat counteracts that. Again, hopefully it's housemade.
  4. Any drink with tonic is the "cleanest" drink. Gin and tonic, vodka and tonic are some examples. If tonic is too boring for you, ask for a splash with club soda. Just a splash!
  5. If a drink has a fruit mix added to it, be very cautious. I'll only order the drink if it is fresh, housemade puree. Otherwise it's bound to have crazy amounts of sugar, high fructose corn syrup and citric acid.

Happy "Clean" Drinking! Have other tips? Comment below!



Disclaimer: I am NOT a nutritionist. Everything in moderation. The end. 

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