Burn off the Thanksgiving Feast!

Heyyy Fabs! How was your Thanksgiving? If you were like me, you ate a TON on Thursday...and every day since then. ;)

 The holidays are a time when it's easy to let our fitness slide. So, lets kick off the month of December on a running foot and commit to staying FIT all year round! *MUAH*

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Monday- No need to ease into the workouts this week. Lets kick it into high gear immediately! Do a 5K run at a steady to fast pace.  If the weather is frightful in your neck of the woods, hit the treadmill or elliptical. No excuses, you can do it. And don't forget to stretch afterwards!

Tuesday- Circuit training! Start with a 15 minute warm up then hit the weights. If you have a gym, alternate between cardio, strength and core exercises for 30 minutes (one minute on each machine). If you don't have access to a gym, check out this video! Click HERE


Wednesday- Happy Hump Day! We've been doing some major work. Keep it UP! But lets scale back a tad and stretch out your bodies. Take a bikram or core based yoga class. If you don't have a studio that you can attend, check out this quickie yoga workout with Tara Stiles!



Thursday- Time to hit the bike! Since I live in Cali, I'm going to go on a 10 mile ride outside. If you have to deal with silly things like weather, hit up a 1 hour spin class in your neighborhood! 



Street Art Fitness Miss Danetha

Friday- Lets workout with the gorgeous ladies of Tone It Up. Check out this awesome jump workout from their site. 



Saturday- You know we couldn't go a whole week without dancing!! Find a local Zumba, hip hop, salsa or other cardio dance class to get your fitness groove on! I'm be at Flex Circuit gym at their day of FREE group/dance classes! If you're in Oakland and want to join, contact the gym HERE for more information!

Sunday- Rest Day! You earned it!! *MUAH*


Did you try any of the above workouts? Comment below! #stayfit

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