Hiking is a Great Workout!

Happy Monday! I hope you had a fabulously relaxing and productive weekend.

If you tried any new dance classes or workouts last week, tweet me @MissDanetha and let me know about it!

I'm working up to Daily HIIT's challenge this week and going full force next week. Wanna join? Visit their site, HERE. Lets get to weeerk on that bod! 

 Monday- I'm in Arizona visiting my family! :) Starting off the week with some light stretching and a short morning hike in beautiful Tempe, home of Arizona State University.

Tuesday- Rest Day. I'll be traveling most of the day, so I'm taking the day off. Feel free to switch around your rest days.

Wednesday-  After a week of eating out and being slightly off schedule, I'm ready to hit my workout HARD today. 3 mile run and an ab blaster circuit below (do 3x).

20 Jumping Jacks

20 High Knees

20 crunches

40 Russian Twists

30 Mountain Climbers

10 Burpees

1 minute planks (one minute on each side, then one minute with feet together)

Repeat 3x with 1 minute rest in between.

Thursday- After that rough workout yesterday, let's take a day to stretch our muscles and do some yoga.

Friday- Time for Zumba! Yay for Dance class. IG a pic of you in dance class and tag me @missdanetha!

Saturday- I'm excited to try this new HIIT routine for a sexy booty!! Click HERE to try it out with me!

Sunday- Come join me at Hipline at 9:45a for my dance class! Click HERE to RSVP!

Did you try any of the above workouts? Comment below! 

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