Business Lessons from an 11-year old and Snapchat

I've always believed that inspiration can come from anywhere and every person we come in contact with has something that they can teach us.

Including an 11-year old girl who is determined to have a Snapchat account.

On Saturday morning, I was scrolling through my feed and came across this tweet from Scott Zandbergen, VP of Business Development and Professional Network at Wave:


First of all, how can you say no to that precious face?

Secondly, talk about FIERCE. Seriously, she created an entire presentation to convince her dad why she had to have a Snapchat account.

I'm not sure how it went down, but I highly doubt that Scott asked her to create a presentation. She took the initiative to come up with key selling points and demanded his undivided attention.

As soon as I saw this, I thought: Hmmm, how many prospective clients am I waiting on to tell me that they are ready to hire me? How many companies have I connected with and am waiting for them to send me a proposal?

Maybe it's time I just create a presentation detailing exactly why THEY need ME.

As business owners, sometimes it's easy to forget that we are first and foremost, saleswomen. We have to make it very clear why a client needs us. Marketing is fun, website traffic is cool, social media followers is fabulous...

But, then you need to ASK for the SALE. 

We have 11 days left in October. And only a couple of months left in the final quarter of 2014. How close are you to hitting your October goal? What do you need to do hit your 2014 revenue goal?

Take action! Contact one prospective client that has either expressed interest, or you know needs your services, and set up a time to give them a presentation about why they can't go another day without hiring you.

Do it now.

To a banging fourth quarter,




And now we want to hear from you! Who will you contact today and ask for the sale? Leave a comment below.

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