What does a successful 2016 look like to you?

This week's business tip: Before setting your financial goal for 2016, take 15 minutes to review your 2015 accomplishments. Write them down and celebrate yourself.  Then, take another 15 minutes to write down your income goal for 2016 and brainstorm how you will reach your goal. The New Year is the perfect time to add an additional revenue stream, either within your business or as an investment opportunity. For more help with creating your one-year financial and business plan, check out the "Write your business plan in 7 days" course.

As you reflect on 2015, what comes to mind? Did you reach your goals? Did you take better care of yourself? Did you nurture your relationships?

Would you consider your 2015 to be a success?

In Oprah's SuperSoul Sunday interview with Jack Canfield, author of The Success Principles and Chicken Soup for the Soul, the two discussed the definition of success and that we are all wired to achieve it. 

Yes, this includes you. YOU were born to be successful. But, how do you do it?

The first step is to define success on your own terms. And to then, give yourself permission to attain it.

Often times, our idea of success is tainted by what others feel we should be doing, or what we think society deems as successful. But it is up to you to decide that for yourself.

If you follow my posts, money is one of my top indicators for success and I am passionate about helping myself and others attain a great deal of wealth. 

Costa Rica was so magical. I feel so blessed that we were able to go together.

Costa Rica was so magical. I feel so blessed that we were able to go together.

Another measure for my personal success is self-care. As I reflect on 2015, I am pretty pleased with myself for taking care of my body through chiropractor sessions, massages, workouts and a dedication to meditation. One of my goals for 2015 was to travel abroad. And me and my partner visited Costa Rica. Woo hooo!


My definition of success may or may not fit yours. Either is fine, because my hope with this post is to support your quest of determining what success looks like to you. Is it hanging out with your kids, earning a million dollars, is it traveling more, is it mending a broken relationship from the past?

Before you head into 2016, get clear on your definition of success for the upcoming year by reflecting on your accomplishments and identifying what you would like to improve. 

Otherwise, you risk letting another year go by, slip away and feeling even less fulfilled. The New Year is a magical time to recommit to your truest self and give it all you've got to achieve your goals. So, let's do this!

Take action now: Write down three things you're proud of about 2015. Write down one thing you want to improve in 2016 and how you will accomplish it.

Let me know in the comments below.

And remember- there is no wrong answer to this. It is all about you! For more tips on how to strategize and have a successful 2016 in business, check out this guide from Xero.

Cheers to your wealth and wellness,


Danetha Doe (@danethadoe) is a business strategist and was named one of the Top 40 under 40 accounting professionals in 2015 by CPA Practice Advisor. She is the creator of Money & Mimosas, an online educational resource for entrepreneurs.

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