Kevin Hart and why authenticity is key to your success

Happy Monday, fabulous!

This week's business tip: In marketing your services, and building your brand, authenticity is the secret sauce to your success.

This past week, I had so much fun speaking to the students of the Institute of Entrepreneurial Leadership (IEL) at JFK University about lending options for their small businesses.

As a business coach, at times I help my clients attain funding for their businesses. As an entrepreneur, I've also gone through the process of applying for, and attaining, funding. During my talk, I shared my personal struggle with finances in hopes of creating a safe space for the students to open up about any challenges they were facing. 

Remaining authentic, honest and transparent about my growth as a business owner is something I take very seriously. Often times, we feel so alone as entrepreneurs (or just as human beings for that matter!) and in sharing my story, I want to help others feel a sense of connection. 

In this week's #MoneyandMimosas, we learn how authenticity has helped Kevin Hart build his business empire.

And now I'd love to hear from you! How do you remain authentic in your business?

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