Gwyneth Paltrow teaches us why we should start small in business

Happy Monday! How are you doing?

This week's business tip: Slow and steady wins the race. 

This past week, I had such a blast as a judge for the #FashionTech pitch event. Six businesses gave a presentation to a panel of judges to share their vision and dreams. I was blown away and we (the three other judges and I) had a difficult time choosing the winner because they were all so talented.

After the pitch event, I caught up with some of the presenters and attendees. Many of the entrepreneurs shared their frustrations with me and asked for advice. Frustrations around why it was taking so long to find customers, investors or the right sourcing for products.

I could certainly empathize and hoped that I was able to give some uplifting advice. I know for me, sometimes it feels like the world is on *extra* slow motion and I'm ready for step eight, while it's still on step two.

But, sometimes that's a good thing. Starting small and growing organically can help you make sure that you are doing things right the first time. As well as giving yourself the space to enjoy the journey.

In a recent Fast Company article, Gwyneth Paltrow shows us that success is worth the wait. And starting small is the way to go.

Check out this week's #MoneyandMimosas video and learn how Gwyneth built a million dollar business by starting small.

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