Business deals happen over brunch

Summer like heat in the middle of February. Blue skies, sun shining, and easy like Sunday morning.

Yesterday, #OverIndex gathered for their first brunch in Oakland. Organized and led by Chikodi Chima founder of Moonshot, a PR and marketing agency for startups, a group of 15+ got together to talk about tech and entrepreneurship.

Google. Intel. Apple. A member of Silicon Valley's "top 100 coolest people in tech." Forbes 30 under 30. All represented at the table.

It was like any other meetup in the Bay Area.


Except it wasn't.

Because also represented, was Blavity (the voice for Black Millenials) and Code 2040 (an organization to create opportunities for Blacks and Latinos in tech).


And every person at the table was a person of color. And 50% were women. Not exactly the makeup of the tech giants in the Valley. Where the workforce is under 5% people of color and/or women.

We discussed Intel's $300 million investment in an effort to increase their diversity numbers. We talked about the projects we work working on and how we wanted to help our communities thrive.

Chikodi Chima, PR strategist for tech startups and organizer of the brunch.

Chikodi Chima, PR strategist for tech startups and organizer of the brunch.

Wayne Sutton, partner at and named one of the most influential blacks in technology by Business Insider, spoke about Kara Swisher's interview with President Obama (by this time next year, Wayne will interview President Obama about tech) and his upcoming speech about SXSW in Austin.

Chad Doe shared updates on his latest venture and discussed his upcoming trip to Colombia. Nancy Douyon chatted about her experience at Google and passion about helping minorities in tech.  Alexandria Cattron, a designer and developer, Graduate of Stanford University and alumni mentor for Code 2040, talked about her mission to help kids in Detroit and "non-tech" areas get access to information we have in the Bay Area.

Inspiration. Validation. We all left the brunch with the same feelings.

It feels good to know that there are others like us.

And damn. If we all work together and support each other, the sky is the limit.

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