Two Things You Need to Know to Make More Money Tomorrow

When it comes to money and creativity, there's more where that came from. -Marie Forleo

This quote is so very true.

But are you 100% clear on where your money is coming from?

And I don't mean the kind of clarity where you have three current offerings so of course you're clear about where your money is coming from.

I mean the kind of clarity where you know how many of each current offering has sold versus how well that compares to how they did last year to how well that compares to other previous offerings that you're not offering right now?

And this gets even more exciting when you throw your book, speaking engagements and digital courses into the mix!

If this is starting to sound a little overwhelming, shake it off and loosen up a little bit.

We're talking about money, honey. And this is the fun side of it.

Whether you already have a bookkeeping program, or are about to start using one, if you're an online entrepreneur your revenue area needs a little spring cleaning from time to time.

Especially if your goal is to make more money. 

If you want to make more money tomorrow, you need to know what made you money yesterday and how you actually make money today.

And when you decide to switch up your offerings, you need to look back on what actually worked and what could be improved.

If you've been using a bookkeeping program, this is super easy and quick to look up. 

But if you're not, don't worry. Sign up for a program and let's start with a clean slate of how you're making today. 

I like being old school and using pen and paper to do this, but you can also just do it within your bookkeeping program.

Grab a sheet of paper and pen and let's get started.

  1.        At the top of the page, write "How Do I Make Money Today?"
  2.        Write Down all of Your Current Offerings and how much it costs.
  3.        Note how many you've sold. Multiply it by the price and calculate a total.
  4.     Viola! You've got your list of revenues and can easily see which one brings in the most dough.

Going forward, use this information to decide when to nix an offering or increase your rates.

And leave a comment below. What did this activity inspire you to do in order to make more money?



Miss Danetha is a business financial expert and helps modern entrepreneurs keep their money.