Moroccan Spices and Love: This Year's Day of Giving Inspiration at Spice Monkey

Thanksgiving. A day of giving thanks over delicious food and with family. But for so many that have relocated to Oakland, family may be far far away and your community is now your group of loved ones to break bread. 

That's why Kanitha Matoury, originally from Cambodia and owner of the fabulous Spice Monkey, developed the "Day of Giving" at her restaurant. 

 Spice Monkey Restaurant

Spice Monkey Restaurant

Patrons bring 14 cans/food items to donate to the Alameda County Community Food Bank in exchange for a mouth watering cuisine made with love and Kanitha's exquisite homemade spices.

Last year, Spice Monkey raised 1,300 pounds of food and their goal this year is 1,500 pounds. 

Alameda County Community Food Bank

Every year, the tables are set family style and everything is volunteer based. From the chefs, to the meat carvers to the bussers. Everyone pitches in to share their love with the community. Last year was Spanish themed and this year's inspiration will be the Moroccan culture and food. Showcasing colorful signature spices like cinnamon, cardamom and ginger.

 Moroccan Inspired Dishes (dishes are not from Spice Monkey)

Moroccan Inspired Dishes (dishes are not from Spice Monkey)

Vibrant and beautiful. A night full of love, community, giving and amazing food. 

Because that's how we do it in Oakland.

Join the fun and RSVP for a spot. The deadline is Tuesday, November 26. Click HERE for details. If you're looking to volunteer, email: [email protected]


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