Are Oakland's 2014 Mayoral Candidates "Staying Honest"?

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Happy 2014, Oakland! 2013 was a full of exciting happenings and has set the city up for a spectacular 2014.

While most of the events were positive, Oakland did have its fair share of negative instances and publicity. And with 2014 as an election year for the city's Mayor, the candidates will have to be very clear about what they bring to the table and how they will continue to help Oakland in its positive direction.

As a newcomer to the community, I have a lot to learn about Oakland. I am very vested in the success of Oakland and how its political landscape affects my business. Needless to say I've been doing a lot of research on previous elections and the upcoming race.  And where do I go first?

Social media. Of course. And before I check others' commentary and blogs, I want to know a little bit about the politicians' and their respective stances. I'm a millennial, so websites, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn pages are my preferred sources of content. And apparently, this isn't as uncommon as you may (or may not) think.

According to the Social Politician, Kevin L. Nichols, taking the time to create your online presence is crucial to a politician's success.

Social media marketing, branding, strategy, and messaging (“social politics”) are indispensable components of running a successful campaign.  Social politics allow you to interact with potential voters, engage with supporters, publicize events that you will either attend or host, and raise money like never before.- Kevin L. Nichols

 Kevin L. Nichols, The Politician Social 

Kevin L. Nichols, The Politician Social 

And that's what Nichols does. He helps politicians with their branding and "keeping them honest" to their supporters. He has worked with President Obama, Senator Cory A. Booker (New Jersey) and Mayor Kasim Reed (Atlanta). After I checked out Oakland's candidates social media presence, I had the opportunity to catch up with Nichols about his advice to the candidates and any individual running for political office. His #1 piece of advice is to take the time and necessary front end investment to develop your social media presence.

Candidates don't always have to to be in the fore front. A lot of it can be done on the social media side. Hashtagging and being responsive is key to generating support and to keep the conversation going. As well as addressing any misconceptions or issues. Its a way for supporters, and potential supporters, to remain informed. And all it takes is a clear and thoughtful approach on the front end. 

So, Oakland. What do you think of our candidates presence online? Do you feel like you know what they stand for and can hold them accountable? Are they responsive and accessible on Facebook and Twitter? Check out the candidates' links below and let me know!

Mayor Jean Quan: Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Libby Schaaf: Website,  Facebook, Twitter

Bryan Parker: Website, Facebook, Twitter

Joe Tuman:  Website, Facebook, Twitter

Dan Siegel: Website, Facebook



Miss Danetha is an Oakland Socialite and the Director of Publicity for the Oakland Chamber's Young Professionals Committee. She is the founder of EmeryCloud, a global financial management consultancy based in Oakland and committed to seeing Oakland's businesses succeed.

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