How Bikram Changed My Business

I was introduced to Bikram in September of 2012. Up until then, I had taken a few yoga classes. While I enjoyed them, I prefer fitness classes where I leave drenched in sweat. When I first stepped into the bikram class, I literally thought I was going to pass out. I was in good shape, but the heat and the humidity was overwhelming. My instructor gently reassured me that it was ok to feel overwhelmed during the first few sessions and my only goal was to stay in the room for the 90 minute class, even if I had to sit out some poses.

26 poses, 90 minutes and buckets of sweat later I felt invigorated, alive and motivated to attack the rest of the day! I was immediately hooked. Bikram challenged me in ways that I had never been challenged before and my mind was the clearest it had ever been. As I continued to take class, I became stronger and began to master my technique. But, even as the poses became easier, the sessions were still a struggle to get through and a total mind over matter battle. Which I loved!

couple of months into my practice, I began to notice that I was applying the teachings I learned in class to my approach to business. 

Dandayanama Janushirasana pose- "Don't Think, Just Go for it"

Trikanasana pose- "Breathe. Focus on Your Technique."

Tuladanasana pose- "Ten seconds. If you're late, its over"

hen I went back to my home office after class, I incorporated these sayings into my daily routine. When I had an idea, I didn't hesitate. I researched it and put it into action immediately. When I get discouraged, I take a few minutes to meditate and methodically go through my plan of attack and objective. If I see an opportunity in the market or have a potential client, I jump on it. Because it may be gone in a blink of the eye.

If you're a small business owner, I encourage you to try a bikram yoga class. Its not for everyone, but I guarantee the experience will change your approach to your business...for the better.


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