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Every Friday, I highlight a celebrity lady entrepreneur that has made a positive impact on the world of business. And this week, I want to take the time to highlight a woman that is the most fabulous, beautiful, sassiest business woman I know. She may not be famous to you, but she means THE WORLD to me.

I'm so thankful that I still have my mom here with me and want to take a moment to honor her. She may not have ever started her own business, but she has run our household like a BOSS and is my #1 biz mentor.

Read below for the 10 business and life lessons that I learned from my fiery, Jamaican mama!

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  1. Cash is Queen- my mom is the master of coupons! And will fight tooth and nail for a dollar. Learn to manage your dollar bills before those Benjamins start rolling in and you'll be just fine. Otherwise, more money will definitely mean more problems. 
  2. Never Go Out with Your Hair Not Done- one day, I came home from high school because some boy made fun of my hairstyle. And my mom was like, "Well, you didn't do your hair this morning. What'd you expect?" Lesson: Always, always, always, be ready for a photo op.
  3. Be Persistent- whether it was making sure her kids got the best education or she thinks a company's customer service was lacking, best believe my mom wins every single war. Maybe not every battle, but definitely the war.
  4. Creativity Beats "Book Smarts" any day- my mother is the smartest woman I know with book and street smarts (she grew up in Bed Stuy, don't let the bougie talk fool ya). But, regurgitating jargon from her Economics studies will not put food on the table. Sorry.
  5. Believe in Something Greater than You- my mom is a devout Christian and I can honestly say that, at times, it is her faith alone that gets her through her darkest and trying times. If you do something for a higher purpose, challenges will be easier to overcome.
  6. Take Care of Yourself- this is something she would always tell me growing up and still tells me. Unfortunately, it's not necessarily something she practices because (like a lot of moms) she always puts her kids' and husband's needs first (we're working on that, right mommy?).  But, my mom instilled the idea that you can only give what you have to offer. Not a drop more. Learn to take care of yourself physically, spiritually and emotionally; and your relationships and business will be that much better.
  7. Find Quiet Time- my mom starts and ends everyday with prayer. Sometimes you just need to be still to find peace, meaning and guidance. 
  8. Eat Healthy and Workout Often- we always ate clean thanks to my dear mother and you wanna know who my abs inspiration is?? 4 kids (R.I.P. Justinia), over 50 and still has a flat a** stomach?!? Yea, no excuses.
  9.    If You've Got it Flaunt It-  now, my mom is a Christian woman but she's also attractive and has, what a lot of people have said, a "phone sex" voice. Uh huh. I'm just saying, whether you've got a sultry voice, a seductive smile or bodacious hips, don't be ashamed to weeeerrrrkkkkk it!!!
  10. Give More than You Take- last, but not least, my mom has taught me the power of giving. Whether it was through tithing, helping a missionary in Jamaica, or donating food (even during the times when we had to rely on the food pantry-YES, we had some tough times while living the "American Dream" in the suburbs) , my mom is always giving back to her community and serving the needs of others.
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In light of so many recent events, I've realized that I need to spend more time honoring and appreciating my loved ones while I'm blessed to still have them.

Please take a moment to think of all the close people in your life and let them know how much they mean to you. Tomorrow is not promised to anyone. 

Love you mommy, 




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